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What does Splash do?

Splash creates a water resistant barrier around your phone which stops the water from penetrating the device & attacking the delicate components inside.

Splash water resistant coating for smartphones

Easy application, just spray the nano solution on to your phone

  •  The coating can be applied in just 10 minutes
  •  No need to send your phone away, apply in your own home
  •  1000 times thinner than a human hair
  •  Why wouldn't you apply the coating?

    950 Baht
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Frequently asked questions




How to apply.

Don't like reading? Watch how easy Splash is to apply in your own home

Yes... it really is that easy!



Step 1

Spray the Splash solution directly onto all buttons & openings on the device. Repeat three times.

Step 2

Allow 5 minutes for the solution to dry. Then use the plastic scraping tool to remove the residue from the device.

Step 3

If your device has a removable back, remove the battery & spray the inside of the device coating the inside.

Step 4

Spray the splash solution onto the cloth approx 2cm away, then firmly buff the device. Repeat until clear.



Splash in action.

Watch the water resistant coating in action as a whole bottle of beer is poured over the phone.

Guess what?... it's still working!